Of course, it’s not like that! Even if a German has an annual beer consumption of 101 liters, he only drinks in a year 19 liters more than a Romanian (For instance 82 liters), there are completely different aspects that define German culture.

In Germany, the punctuality, fairness and honesty are the most important things. Of course, no one will reproach you if one time you come to work 10 minutes later, but if every day you come an hour later then that can become a problem.

We compensate for the bad weather with a good health insurance system. As a General Nurse in Germany you will be part of one of the best social and health systems in the world.

Unfortunately, even in Germany, money does not grow on trees, but we offer you a salary of at least € 2.400-3.200 per month working as a Registered Nurse.


Germany is a country open to the whole world and also a multicultural place. We respect other cultures and value a respectful coexistence.

Germany is recognized for safety, accuracy and quality. This way you can be sure that in your career as Nurse in Germany your rights will be respected and you will not be exploited.

Germany is divided into several regions (Länder). In Munich, for example, there is a different environment than in Hamburg or Kiel. It is difficult to say which region is the best. That depends on your own expectations of Germany. Thus, it is safe to say that you will feel good and you will be able to accommodate in any land without feeling somehow restricted in any way.

In Germany, great value is placed on a friendly social coexistence. This is reflected in the many cultural events and festivities that take place everywhere. Fairs and so-called Schützenfest are organized in almost every town with more than 2000 inhabitants.

There are also worth mentioning the big events such as Oktoberfest (Munich, 6.4 million visitors), Hamburger DOM (4.0 million visitors) and Schützenfest Hannover (1.5 million visitors). Here you can spend free time, have fun and make new friends.

In Germany there are countless tourist attractions for which many tourists travel overseas to see them. There are worth mentioning the Brandenburg Gate, the Frauenkirche in Dresden and the Cologne Cathedral. Of course there are many other tourist attractions that we will present to you upon your arrival in Germany. In this brochure you will find, among other things, tourist attractions in your region that you can visit based on your disposal.