Closing dinner after the ECL exam

A great final evening with all participants last Wednesday! We think that the first exams went great and ended the evening with a relaxed barbecue.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about B2 German language certificates!

Dear friends, acquaintances and interested in Iuvare Connect programs!

We hear more and more often that there are still many Romanian General Nurses who would like to work in Germany, but they are totally misinformed about the necessary language skills, or even worse, they are lied to by various recruitment companies.

The fact is:

As of spring 2021, the German authorities no longer accept language certificates which come from a regular language school that are filed as part of your professional recognition, in ALL German federal states, without exception.

Without exception, only B2 language certificates from “ALTE” language institutes (eg Goethe, Telc, ÖSD, ECL) are accepted.

Don’t believe the lies that many recruitment companies in the German market continue to tell just to help you in the German labor market and then disappoint you. You will NOT receive recognition with a B2 certificate from a regular language school.

And since language tests at “ALTE institutes” such as Goethe, Telc, ÖSD and ECL are, of course, more complex and intensive compared to language tests in private language schools, we have adapted our programs at our own expense and for your benefit.

An extended course period of 4 months, the moving of our language schools from Romania to Germany, stricter regulations for our teachers and of course for students, all for the same purpose.


Please take the text seriously and think carefully with who you will leave your career in charge with and how you want to take the first steps towards the desired future in Germany.

Feel free to contact us with your questions and let us advise you in detail if you plan to start a successful career as a recognized nurse in Germany.