Closing dinner after the ECL exam

A great final evening with all participants last Wednesday! We think that the first exams went great and ended the evening with a relaxed barbecue.

Iuvare PflegeCampus received the “German Innovation Award”

The German Innovation Award is recognition and an incentive at the same time.
For many years, we have been dealing with the shortage of skilled workers in the nursing field and are always breaking new ground.
We have now been honored with the German Innovation Award for these efforts.
The German Innovation Award recognizes innovative achievements that break new ground through their added value.

These can be products as well as services and they can come from very different industries.

 But the focus is always on the user experience: solutions that make our lives better and contribute to a better future.

The German Innovation Award offers these outstanding innovations a valuable platform – it makes them visible to a wide audience and thus contributes to successful positioning on the market.

May 5th is International Hand Hygiene Day

Disposable gloves
May 5th is International Hand Hygiene Day: An ideal occasion to warn against the careless use of disposable gloves
Disposable gloves protect those who wear them, keep dirt and bacteria away, shield the skin from unwanted contact with bodily fluids. And they also protect, according to the intuitive assumption, the person who is touched: the patient when taking blood, the elderly in need of care in the home when changing the catheter bag.

Bare hands are more hygienic than disposable gloves
But security is deceptive. Many nurses and doctors believe that when they wear gloves, all their actions with their hands are automatically sterile, more sterile than when they are performed with bare hands. But that is a mistake. Of course there are thousands of bacteria on hands, for example on the palms and fingers. But the human skin does not release more than about 100 bacteria when the hands touch a tabletop or the skin of another person. On the other hand, the plastics from which the commercially available disposable gloves are made are different. These gloves, when contaminated, release around 100,000 bacteria, a thousand times that. Bacteria simply stick better to human skin than to latex or vinyl.

Disposable gloves are purely for self-protection
The simple gloves used in surgeries are designed from the start to protect the wearer, not the patient. “They have always been part of the personal protective equipment of medical or nursing staff – they never claimed to protect the patient at the same time.

Live diversity

For emergencies: power of attorney, care and living will

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about B2 German language certificates!

Dear friends, acquaintances and interested in Iuvare Connect programs!

We hear more and more often that there are still many Romanian General Nurses who would like to work in Germany, but they are totally misinformed about the necessary language skills, or even worse, they are lied to by various recruitment companies.

The fact is:

As of spring 2021, the German authorities no longer accept language certificates which come from a regular language school that are filed as part of your professional recognition, in ALL German federal states, without exception.

Without exception, only B2 language certificates from “ALTE” language institutes (eg Goethe, Telc, ÖSD, ECL) are accepted.

Don’t believe the lies that many recruitment companies in the German market continue to tell just to help you in the German labor market and then disappoint you. You will NOT receive recognition with a B2 certificate from a regular language school.

And since language tests at “ALTE institutes” such as Goethe, Telc, ÖSD and ECL are, of course, more complex and intensive compared to language tests in private language schools, we have adapted our programs at our own expense and for your benefit.

An extended course period of 4 months, the moving of our language schools from Romania to Germany, stricter regulations for our teachers and of course for students, all for the same purpose.


Please take the text seriously and think carefully with who you will leave your career in charge with and how you want to take the first steps towards the desired future in Germany.

Feel free to contact us with your questions and let us advise you in detail if you plan to start a successful career as a recognized nurse in Germany.

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