Hello! My name is Ema and I would like to draw your attention to share my experience with IUVARE CONNECT company.

A few years ago, my family and I decided to live in Germany. But how can I do this without knowing the language? It was the first question I asked myself but also the first positive answer from IUVARE CONNECT. They offered me a free German language course and accommodation during school, both in Romania and in Germany. But there were also other problems to be solved. Professional recognition from the German authorities, child enrollment in school, bank account, child allowance, insurance and so on. Absolutely all of these problems were taken over by the professional employees of IUVARE, who got involved and personally took care of everything that meant my integration in Germany. Ever since we stepped here, we have been warmly welcomed at the airport and taken to the house which IUVARE company has provided us for free for three months.

The workplace is modern and very well organized, and the team is friendly and kind starting from colleagues all the way tosupervisors. When various problems arose, most often communication issues between certain institutions, we had the support and involvement of the company in solving and mediating them. My daily duties are those for which I am professionally prepared and the salary is exactly as promised. Of course, there is also the possibility of professional and financial advancement, based oneach one of us performance.

So here I am, working in the same institution where I started three years ago, with positive people, living in the same land, Niedersachsen, a very beautiful land, with many perspectives and opportunities.

So don’t hesitate to contact IUVARE CONNECT when you need it!