Under the hashtag # NichtSelbstverständlich (#Not for granted) a small sensational event took place on the German television channel ProSieben. The famous moderators Joko and Klaas won the TV contest “Joko and Klaas against Pro7 ″, they won 15 minutes of broadcast – in fact. For what followed there were 7 hours of unfiltered information from the daily life of a nurse. Equipped with a camera fixed on the body, they could allow the spectators to be live from the moment they arrived in the parking lot until the practical moment of caring for a seriously ill patient. The whole shift was closed when the patients were cared for. During the show, sequences from the life of care givers from all over Germany were always broadcasted, which reported on the current situation and drew attention to the dramatic side of the job. This perspective was deeply touching for us and made us realize once again how much responsibility this job entails. We now hope that those in power will take action; Joko and Klaas have secured their place in the history of television.